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All About Fiber

Follow along with SNAP-Ed Nutritionist, Wanda, as she explores fiber and no fiber foods in a companion video to “Amazing Fiber.” There’s a high fiber game along the way to help you remember what foods have a lot of fiber.

Generally, we divide food into 5 groups, but it’s also important to identify food based on whether or not it has fiber. Hamburgers, hot dogs, meat, and cheese go in the “no fiber” pile. Broccoli, cauliflower, grapes, and peppers go in the “yes, fiber” pile.

What is fiber and where do we get it?

All fiber comes from plants. Whole fruits and whole grains are high in fiber, while processed foods (which tend to be less colorful) are lower in fiber. Fiber has great health benefits. It cleans out your digestive tract, protecting you from disease. There is one thing to remember about plants and fiber. The more a food looks like it does when it is growing in or on the ground or on a tree, the more fiber it will have. That’s why an apple has more fiber than applesauce.

Focus on whole fruit to get the most fiber from fruit all vegetables and fruits. It is easier to see fiber in some foods more than others. The fiber in a sweet potato, for example, is very easy to see, but the fiber in a banana, not so much.

Focus on fruits and vegetables and whole grain

We need to vary your veggies and make half your grains whole to get the best health benefits. Whole wheat bread, whole grain
pasta, and brown rice are good examples too. Whole grain crackers and popcorn have fiber too! Be sure to vary
your protein routine by having beans, nuts, and seeds because they are high fiber as well. Anything made with white flour will have less fiber as well.

Now that you have learned more about fiber, you can incorporate more fiber into your diet by eating whole fruits, varying your veggies, making half your grains whole grains, and including nuts, seeds, and beans in your protein routine. These small changes can make a big difference!

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