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Eat Healthy at the Farmer’s Market - Step 2

Follow along with SNAP-Ed NY Nutrition Educator, Mallory, as she shows you the second step to eating healthy on budget! Welcome to Farmer’s Market Edition – Step 2.

The second step of eating healthy on a budget is to get the most out of your dollar. Here are four steps to help us achieve healthy eating patterns while on a budget. 

Step 1: Shop in season or buy frozen

At the local farmer’s market, you’ll find produce that’s in season. If that is not an option, we can choose frozen foods. Frozen foods are good for your budget and for your health. You want to avoid things with added sauces or salts, which can add sodium and saturated fats into our diet. 

Step 2: Buy produce that is on sale

Some produce items are misshaped, and a lot of times they aren’t good enough for restaurants, but they have all of the nutrients you need, and it is a great way to save money.

Step 3: Buy in bulk

At the farmer’s market, you can buy fresh veggies or fruits in bulk. Some great items to buy in bulk are carrots and celery, which you can use in lunches and for snacks. You can also freeze some of the items you purchased in bulk. If you have questions about canning, you can check out CCEoneida.com/food-nutrition/food-preservation.

Step 4: Use your EBT

Many Farmer’s Markets participate in a number of
nutrition programs and accept EBT cards. When you are at your local
Farmer’s market, don’t forget to check out your EBT. 

For more tips on how to stretch your food dollars, check out our “Save Money” section on the website.

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