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Serving Up MyPlate

Follow along with SNAP-Ed NY Nutrition Educator, Cailie, as she shows you how to identify all five MyPlate food groups and how to use them in a meal! By the end of this video, you will be able to identify all five Myplate food groups and learn how to use them in a meal. Don’t miss the quizzes and games in this video to help you on your journey! There is also a guide to help you make a five-day dinner meal plan which will include a variety of foods from each food group.

Lesson 1 Grades 5-6

Think about your favorite meal or dish and why you like it. Does it make you feel happy when you eat it? Try to think of some descriptive words or adjectives. Is it crunchy, sweet, or sour?

We need to eat foods from all five food groups to stay healthy; fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy. MyPlate is a visual reminder of this. We need to feed our bodies with what we need to have energy, play hard, learn, grow and stay healthy. What could you change about your meals to get all five food groups? Eating from all five food groups can lead to some fun experimenting with foods when we use MyPlate as a guide.

In addition to following the My plate guide, being physically active for 60 minutes a day is essential for good health. 

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