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Learn about Fruits and Veggies

Follow along with SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator, Miss Katie, as she walks you through a lesson out of the CATCH Curriculum that focuses on fruits and vegetables! Later on join SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator, Miss Kirstin, in the Kitchen to make a veggie packed meal.

CATCH is an awesome resource that incorporates nutrition information, physical activity and some basic food prep.

Fruits and vegetables are great “GO” food. “GO” foods are the foods that our bodiesneed to stay strong and healthy. Foods like fruits and vegetables help our bodies grow – they help our bodies heal when we get injured. Fruits and Veggies keep us well. Our eyes, skin, teeth, hair, and nails stay healthy, and they keep our bodies in balance because they don’t have any unhealthy fats or added sugars. Most importantly “GO” foods give us the energy we need to run and play.

If you notice fruits and vegetables are the most colorful parts of Myplate. Fruits and vegetables come in a variety of colors and it’s important to try to eat as many colors as possible because each color does a different job for our bodies.

There are a ton of different ways we can eat fruits and vegetables. A lot of times we eat them fresh like apples, bananas, and oranges. We can also eat dried fruit. Did you know that raisins are dried grapes?

We can also have canned fruits and vegetables. They are just as healthy, however, when we’re having canned fruit and veggies, it’s important to remember that they might contain added salt or sugar. We want to buy fruit that is packed in 100% fruit juice or water, and we want to try to buy vegetables that have no added salt. We can also take the canned fruits and vegetables and rinse them to make sure we rinse all of these things off.

Sometimes we might be nervous when it’s time to try a new fruit or vegetable. We might look at something and think that it might be yucky. That might make us not want to try it, but it’s important to try new things because the only way you learn to like new things is to try them. Even if you try something once and don’t like it, try it a second time. Sometimes our taste buds change and we learn to like new things.

Join Ms. Kirsten and Ms. Katie in the kitchen to make a veggie packed mini meal!

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