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Amazing Fiber

Generally, we divide food into 5 groups, but it’s also important to identify food based on whether or not it has fiber. What is fiber? All fiber comes from plants. Whole fruits and whole grains are high in fiber, while processed foods (which tend to be less colorful) are lower in fiber. Fiber has great health benefits. It cleans out your digestive tract, protecting you from disease.

In this video, SNAP-Ed Nutritionist, Wanda, shows us how to divide foods into the Fiber and No Fiber Group using fun quizzes and songs!

If we gather a variety of foods from our cupboard, we might find black beans, canned fruit, peanut butter, and raisins. These all contain fiber! The crackers and cookies in the cupboard, however, do not. By the end of this video, you will be able to tell someone the health benefits of high fiber foods, and recognize the benefits.

Amazing fiber

Let’s think about cleaning a dirty pan. What do we do when a pan needs to be scrubbed? We have to scrub the pan with a scouring pad until it is clean. In a similar way, fiber cleans the parts of our bodies where food passes through kind of like
scouring pads that clean the pan and when we eat enough fiber. Our chances of getting some diseases go
way down that’s why fiber is so important and amazing.

Where does fiber come from?

It’s easy to get fiber when we have half a plate of fruits and vegetables. We can also make half our grains whole grains by starting our day with a whole grain cereal and when we choose nuts seeds and beans from the protein group, we add more fiber as well. You might not know that

What’s next?

You probably already eat a lot of high fiber foods, you just need to eat them more often. The next time you want to grab a snack ask yourself if you are getting enough fiber. You can incorporate more fiber into your diet by eating whole fruits, varying your veggies, making half your grains whole grains, and including nuts, seeds, and beans in your protein routine. Small changes make a big difference!

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