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Comparison Shopping Tips

Grocery stores have so many options that come in all different sizes and brands, so how do you know which is the best deal? One way is to compare the unit prices between the two items. View this tip sheet to learn more!

Use unit prices to find the best buy. Look for the unit price right on the shelf tag. It will be listed separately from the retail price (the price you pay).

Find a common unit first! Sometimes the units of food you want to compare (e.g., pounds, ounces) are different. TIP: Remember 1 lb. = 16 oz.

If your store doesn’t list unit prices, you can figure it out yourself. All you need to do is divide the retail price by the number of units.

Unit price=Retail price/Number of units

Learn how to save money with our helpful videos!

Learn how to save money with our helpful tip sheets!

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