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Yoga for Kids

Healthy Living: Yoga for Kids


Yoga for children is increasing in popularity. Many different types of yoga exist, but all types of yoga combine breathing, controlled postures and mental focus to improve fitness and decrease stress. Specific yoga exercises are referred to as poses. Poses are commonly grouped together and performed in a sequence. Incorporation of yoga poses or sequences into an exercise routine is generally referred to as the “practice” of yoga. The phrase “yoga practice” simply refers to one person’s experience of performing yoga. 

Health Benefits

Practicing yoga can help improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and improve balance. Children need at least one hour of physical activity daily. Only about half of children are active at this level. Practicing yoga can help children incorporate more physical activity into each day. Healthy habits established in childhood are likely to endure into adulthood. The practice of yoga at young ages can help children develop lifelong healthy habits. Download this tip sheet to learn more.

Source: University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension

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