Eat Healthy at the Farmer’s Market

Follow along with SNAP-Ed NY Nutrition Educator, Mary Ann, as she shows you the first step to eating healthy on budget!

3 Steps for Eating Healthy on a Budget

  • Make a shopping list beforehand

Making a list before going to your local farmer’s market or grocery store will stretch out your dollar and allow you to make healthier choices. Look at your grocery store’s deals for that week and try to plan your meals around them. An example of a shopping list can be found here.  

  • Plan out dinners for the week

Planning out dinners for the week lessens your likelihood of ordering takeout or fast food. When planning these meals, refer back to MyPlate. 

  • Vary lean proteins like beans or canned tuna
  • Opt for the low-fat dairy options to optimize heart health in the long-run
  • Ensure half of your plate consists of fruits and vegetables.

Never shop hungry

Shopping while you’re hungry increases your likelihood of buying impulsive, unnecessary items. Stick to your list and avoid buying extra items to save your dollar and eliminate unhealthy choices in the long run.

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