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10 Ways to Use Beans

Looking for some bean-spiration? There are many different kinds of beans and they are easy to use in a variety of ways. Check out some of our favorite tips to use beans!

  1. Roast them! Roasting cooked beans such as chickpeas with olive oil and seasonings can be a great way to prep a healthy, filling snack or a plant-based protein source to add to salads. Try adding ingredients like honey and cinnamon for a sweeter taste, or Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese for a salty taste!
  2. Switch up your cookout! Instead of your traditional hamburger, try making a black bean burger. Add ingredients such as breadcrumbs, eggs, and cheese to hold your burger together and ingredients such as garlic, chili powder, and cumin to enhance the flavor!
  3. Make flour! Using dry beans, finely mix them in a food processor to create a bean flour. Try using chickpea flour in a blondie or black bean flour in a brownie for some extra fiber! 
  4. Make a soup! Beans are a universal ingredient that fits well into many soups. Try out recipes such as chili, bean minestrone soup, or an Italian vegetable soup for a filling, cozy bean- packed meal!
  5. Make hummus! Making your own hummus is an easy way to utilize more beans like chickpeas within the house. Try adding different flavors such as garlic, olives, chilis, and even cocoa powder to your homemade hummus!
  6. Use them as a thickener! Bean flour or a bean puree can make a great addition to thicken any dish in place of other thickener ingredients. Try choosing a neutral flavored bean such as a white bean for best flavor results!
  7. Replace oil or butter! Use some water to create a bean puree for an oil replacement or mash the beans to replace your butter. Try replacing your fat of choice in a cookie recipe with a white bean puree!
  8. Make a dip! Beans add a great creamy texture to many dips while enhancing the nutritional profile with protein and fiber. Try using black beans in a taco-style layered dip, refried beans in a cheesy dip, or cannellini beans in a Mediterranean-inspired white bean dip!
  9. Make a salad! Use beans and other ingredients to make a fun, colorful salad. Try combining black beans, corn, onions, mango, and spices to make a southwestern salad that incorporates both fruits and vegetables in a filling, nutritious side dish!
  10. Try different flavors! Beans are a great staple in many different countries. Try using beans to explore other flavors and cuisines in recipes such as falafel, Caribbean-inspired yellow rice and beans, or huevos rancheros!

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