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Eat Affordably at the Farmer’s Market, Step 3

Follow along with SNAP-Ed NY Nutrition Educator, Mary Ann, as she shows you the third and final step to eating healthy on a budget using your local farmer’s market!

Making a second meal, or adding another side dish to leftovers allows you to stretch your meal while cutting the cost. For example, you can add leftover vegetables to soups, salads, or casseroles to create a whole other meal. Combining leftover veggies with water-packed tuna and adding it to whole wheat pasta for a healthy, low-cost meal is another great idea. You could also add leftover fruit to yogurt for a healthy snack. Your local farmer’s market has most fruits and vegetables to be able to add to those leftovers.

When you’re picking out your greens, like spinach, make sure you’re picking out those that aren’t wilted. As for fruit, try to pick the ones free of bruises and blemishes for the best quality. Farmer’s markets have more than fruits and vegetables – they also have eggs and dairy.

For those who aren’t a fan of leftovers, another tip is to try going meatless for one or more meals throughout the week. Replace your meat with beans to stretch your dollar throughout the week. Adding lentils to soups or casserole is another way to add protein to your meatless meal. Fruits and vegetables from your local farmer’s market make a great addition to your meatless meals.

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