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Sneak Movement into Your Day

We know time is tight and it can be hard to fit in exercise. Check out some quick and easy ways to sneak more movement into your day in ways that will work for you. Adults should get 150 minutes of exercise each week which is a little more than 20 minutes each day.

  1. Use Your Phone to Add Activity at Work. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to get moving.
  2. Make Counting Your Steps Easy. Track your steps with your phone, a pedometer, or a fitness tracker.
  3. Take the Stairs Up or Down. You can vary things by taking the elevator to your destination and walking down on your way out.
  4. Make Chores More Fun by Dancing. Turn on some music as you vacuum, iron, and tidy up around the apartment or house.
  5. Have a Ball While Sitting. Try sitting on a stability ball while watching television, eating dinner, or reading.
  6. Fidget With Your Feet. Toe tapping and raising your heels while seated work the muscles in the lower legs.
  7. Move While Standing in Line. Whether it’s at the grocery store, the post office, or the movies, waiting in line can be turned into a chance to move.
  8. Carry Your Groceries Home. If possible, carry groceries in your arms rather than in a cart.

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