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Power Up Your Kids’ Play

Any activity that gets kids’ hearts beating faster and makes them breathe harder counts as power play. It can be as simple as dancing in the living room or jumping rope at the park. The key is to have fun!

  • Lead by example. Stay active yourself and be active with your kids. Go for family walks, ride bikes together, or play at a local park. 
  • Add it up. Your kids should be active throughout the day for a total of 60 minutes of power play.
  • Agree on safe indoor activities. Kids can have dance contests, hula-hoop, or exercise with kid-friendly fitness videos or to their favorite music.
  • Find help in your community. Many communities offer low-cost or free after-school and summer programs. Check with your local school, parks and recreation department, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, church, or other community groups.
  • Team up with your neighbors. Take turns walking your kids to and from school and watching them when they play outside.

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